5 Maternity Photography Mistakes To Avoid

Pregnancy Photo MistakesThe lack of information and planning in maternity photography often leads to undesirable results. Thus, learning more about it is the best way to your photo shoot success.  But it’s also a good idea to know and recognize the common mistakes so you’ll know what to avoid.

Mistake#1 Donning garments with tight elastics before the shoot

Garments with elastic seams or tight elastics such as undergarments, jeans, slacks, skirts can leave marks on the skin around the belly area. Your swollen belly is the star of the moment and the mark around that area can make for an unpleasant sight.

To show off a beautiful baby bump, avoid wearing garments with tight elastics.

Mistake#2 Applying oily lotions prior to the shoot

Oily lotions can give a shiny look to your skin which could reflect flash and ultimately spoil your shots.

The easy fix for this mistake is to simply avoid applying lotions before your maternity photo shoot.

Mistake#3 Over-sized clothes

Wearing oversized garments will only hide the real shape of your belly and will only make you look heavier.

If you’re looking for pregnancy photos that will show the real beauty of your belly, form-fitting tops can help you achieve it.

Mistake #4 Wearing jewelry during the shoot

Wearing jewelry and other accessories can be distracting during the shoot. They might also result to spoiled shots.

Clothing and other accessories play a role in maternity photography. It’s actually worth it to consider wearing something that will emphasize your belly and only hide some parts.

Mistake #5 Getting photographed alone in all shots

Though the unborn baby in your belly is the star of the moment, getting photographed alone in all of your maternity photos can be boring.

Including your hubby or other elements can add interest to some of the shots.

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